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Accurate Stress Analysis From Finite Element Models- Fast and Automatic

StressRefine is an free accessory to Finite element analyses which extracts more accurate stress results from existing models. StressRefine interfaces directly to  Siemens SolidEdge Simulation©, and also works with FEMAP/Nx Nastran and other Nastran models.

No remeshing or user intervention is required. StressRefine uses a robust implemention of p-adaptive finite element analysis which leads to accurate results automatically.

Accurate stresses in very large models can be extracted quickly, by adaptively analyzing local regions of stress concentration.

About stressRefine

I'm Richard King, the developer  of StressRefine. I'm a professional engineer with a PhD in mechanical engineering from Stanford and decades of experience in the computer-aided engineering industry. I was one of the co-founders of Rasna corporation, and co-inventor of the finite element product Mechanica, a groundbreaking advance in ease of use and accuracy for finite element analysis. stressRefine was developed to provide engineers with an easy and powerful way to obtain accurate stress results from existing finite element models.

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Nx Nastran with default mesh. Stress Error = 30%

Re-analyzed by StressRefine with default settings

Stress Error 1.3%

No remeshing Required
No User Intervention Required

Getting this result requires 1 button pick:  "Solve"

-There are many more examples like this in the validation manual